About Hélène

“Together we can make it happen!”

Aesthetician Helene rejuvenating facial visibly reduces fine lines, improves skin tone and texture, boosts radiance, elasticity, Helene Hendersonville NC

For the past 39 years as an Esthetician, I have sought to immerse myself in an abundance of education and my career is an extension of my every day life. After receiving my certification Esthetics in 1979 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I returned to school in Toronto, Canada to become certified in massage therapy.I continued to train with numerous professionals such as Dr. Wittlinger of Austria, Dr John Amaro of Texas, and Dr Joie Powers specializing respectively in Lymphatic Drainage, Electro-Acupuncture and Clinical Aromatherapy. But my education did not stop there, as later I obtained a degree in Health Sciences, and even today after 39 years of practice I continue to take advanced trainings in both wholistic and natural therapies such as Gua Sha (a traditional Chinese massage) and Clinical Aromatherapy.

My passion thrives with helping you achieve your goals of healthy beautiful skin, and it is of utmost importance to me as a skin care professional to guide you in achieving those goals through safe, organic natural products and non-invasive TCM (Traditional Chinese Methods) based on thousands of years of practice. Each facial treatment is customized as I focus on your needs and concerns, that includes organic essential oils, to help restore youth and vitality to your skin and harmony to your soul. My facial treatments are never rushed! So relax and enjoy!

For remarkable results, I do recommend a series of treatments along with a home-care plan to enhance your facial results, that will leave your skin glowing and healthy for years to come! I work by appointment only as I like to work with you one-on-one, developing a trusting relationship with you. During my off hours, I enjoy reading my favorite author Laura Childs Tea Mysteries while enjoying a cup of Earl Grey tea! Not to mention spending time with my 3 furry babies Serena, Bobby Lee, and Gracie Lou (all rescues!) that’s when I’m not traveling teaching!

I’d love to invite you to call me so we can set a time to meet and talk about how I can help you achieve beautiful skin!

I look forward to meeting you soon,